Business services


An essential component of success is the ability to take orders, process them efficiently and monitor how things are doing. Sign up to our order capture and sales analysis service and we will provide an on line order form for use by you and your customers along with a report every four weeks analysing the orders received providing you with the business intelligence you need.


Good cash management and control is fundamental to success. You need to be able to understand and control your cost and make sure you have enough money to run the business.


Our financial recording and analysis service will allow you to record your financial transactions and receive a report every four weeks that will help you understand your income and expenditure, control your costs and manage your cash flow.


Another important ingredient for success is product pricing. Your prices must be low enough to be competitive and high enough to cover cost. Use our product costing and pricing service to help you determine a price to cover cost as well calculate how many you need to sell to break even giving you critical sales targets.


No business can succeed without customers. Use our customer analysis service to see your business from the customer perspective We can perform customer satisfaction surveys and analysis to help you understand what your customers want from from you and how well they think you are doing. See your business from the customer perspective.