Business Improvement Program


An ongoing programme of workshops and one to one meetings to provide help and support with the continuous improvement of your business.


Assess current situation.  

Using our diagnostic check lists we will help you to evaluate your business, identify key business drivers and produce a report that summarises the current position, includes a Better Business Benchmark that can be used to monitor performance improvements over time along with a prioritised list of key issues and opportunities that need to be addressed.


Determine improvement actions.  

We will work with you to review the issues and opportunities in the report to determine underlying root causes, identify and short list possible improvement actions and use techniques to select the most appropriate actions to be implemented. This will include an assessment of benefits, costs, risks and resources required as well as a means for ensuring benefits are realised. This will result in the production of a Business Case and an Action Plan consisting of a prioritised programme of improvement actions and necessary support activities.


Prepare delivery plans. 

Having selected the improvement actions to be implemented immediately we will help you produce a delivery plan that will identify the tasks to be undertaken, the people who will undertake them, consider critical success factors and key performance indicators that can be used to monitor progress.


Monitor progress. 

We will show you how to gather the necessary business intelligence in order produce reports or dash boards that can be used to monitor progress against the key performance indicators to identify deviations from the delivery plan as soon as possible and help you to determine remedial actions.



As improvement actions are implemented and progress is being monitored the current situation will change so we can return assess the revised situation, identify any new issues for attention, update the Action Plan, and implement the next improvement actions from the list.