Diagnostic Check lists


Web based diagnostic check lists covering key performance indicators, success factors, market analysis, competitive strategy, essential business activities and basic business understanding providing a means of diagnosing and discussing the health of a business.

  • Accessed by the web or mobile device.
  • Allowing a review of many factors involved in running a business and business success not just the most obvious.
  • Uses a prioritisation technique (MOSCOW) to identify and prioritise areas for improvement.
  • Allows the production of a  better business benchmark that can be monitored to see how your business is doing over time.

Diagnostic check lists available:


Current business position: This check list will focus on your mission, strategy, products and services and and current business performance


Understanding the market and competitive environment: This check list will focus on your understanding of your marketplace. If you operate in more than one marketplace, complete a check list for each one.


Evaluating process performance: Using this check list you can review your processes and identify any areas for improvement.


Evaluating information systems effectiveness: This check list will allow a high level review of your information systems so you can identify and prioritise development areas.


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