Order capture and analysis.


Take Orders

Improve your sales order processing, be more efficient and impress your customers by using our on line order form to take orders from your customers on the go, using phone or tablet.


Provide customers with a link to the form so they can place on line orders conveniently.


Sales analysis

Once the orders have been submitted we can perform some sales analysis and provide a report every four weeks showing the total number of orders received, the total value of the orders received, the average order value, the number of customers the average order value for each customers during the period and comparing this to previous periods.


This well help all business to monitor sales, evaluate performance and identify any areas for improvement but is especially useful to recently started business or new business start ups as we can assist you to assess and monitor business so you can get on with running it.


How it works

When you subscribe to this service we will work with you to design an order form for use with your customers. This will include details of the products and services you offer and their prices.


When completed this form will be available on line over the internet (in the cloud) for use either by yourself when you visit your customers, or by your customers, via a internet link.


When you or your customers place an order the details will be sent to by email to the person responsible for sales order processing. We will use our copies of the orders to perform some sales analysis on your behalf


Every four weeks we will send you a report so you can review your performance over the last four weeks and see how well you are doing compared to previous four week periods.


This service is available for a monthly, quarterly and six monthly periods starting at £35.00 per month with discounts for the longer period so you can either try before you buy or take advantage of the discounts by signing up for longer.


For more information complete our enquiry form "any questions".